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Denying Liberty.

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Why write a novel about the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty is arguably the most popular woman in America. Her image is recognizable around the world.  The Statue of Liberty has stood in New York Harbor for almost 125 years; and before that she towered over the rooftops of Paris.  But how much do you know about her past?  This novel may be a historical fiction; but this does not mean that the story or one similar to it, as described within, could not have transpired. Many of the characters you will meet really did exist; and they really did create a miracle.

I hope you enjoy Veronique’s story as she struggles to enter America, claiming to be the visage of Liberty.  And in the process, I  believe you will learn much about the character of Liberty , of the people who created her,  and of the country she has adapted.  Liberty is uniquely American but she inspires the world!  Why?

And lastly, the novel is intended to wish Liberty a happy birthday on the occasion of her 125th anniversary.  America may not realize it, but the time has come to pass her torch on to the next generation of Americans.